This is an open source project

Have an idea what is annoying, bad or missing in pattern search software and have the will to implement that?
C++, .Net, UML, Web design and art skills particularly welcome.

Want to learn C++ ? Bruce Eckel's e-books are a great place to start.
Thinking in C++ Volumes 1 & 2

Want to learn UML ?
The Unified Modeling Language resource centre
The Object Management Groups resource page

If you have ideas for experimenting with pattern searching, this project will give you an ideal framework from which to test those theories. Suggestions and feedback on this project or website welcome.

Whats happening now :

Major revision to the existing code is to take place.
The best elements of the Alpha release are to be re-factored.
Research into the use of C++/CLI and SQL for the next version.

Usefull programming links :

PRQA high-Integrity C++ Coding Standards manual

Arash Partow, hash functions tutorial and source
Another great hashing tutorial
Zobrist hashing - tutorial
fnv-1a 64bit hash - used for game duplicate checking

Mersenne Twister random numbers
Kouhei Taketa's mersenne twister c++ website
Mersenne twister source code zip

Binary search source
Wikipedia binary search information

Make file simple tutorial for linux gcc.

Boost C++ library:
shared_ptr - a smart pointer
filesystem - for OS independent file operations

Thinking in C++ Volumes 1 & 2
Accelerated C++
C++ CookBook - sample chapter of code examples