The aim of this open source software project is to provide pattern searches on databases of sgf files.

In more detail the aims are:

To provide instant search results on common patterns, (specifically Wholeboard & Corner patterns).
These are to include Whole board, 9x9, 12x12 and half board patterns.

Detailed analysis and display of search results and move continuations. A list of matching games with their information. Move continuations displayed on the board. A bar graph type view detailing the variations based on next move.
The ability to tenuki which is useful for non-whole board patterns.

To allow importing of the users sgf games into multiple database categories. The user can create a database by specifying a directory of sgf files to import. Provide simple database operations such as add, delete, rename, etc...
Being able to select which databases to use for pattern searches.

To allow the user to play through a game contained in the databases on a new board window. A list of matching games will be updated according to a pattern match. By clicking on a game in the list a preview of the game in a small board will be displayed.

To provide various searches and filters to the databases.
Such as sorting by different game information. The ability to filter games with specific game information, and on a range in the case of dates.

To provide a powerful and easy to use graphical interface. Intuitive, flexible and powerful are the aims.

Overall the design will be minimal and simple, yet functional enough to do what you want. To this end a 'free search' may be needed to fill in the gaps of pattern searching. Such as finding patterns on the side of the board, or corner patterns that cannot be found using the pre-defined patterns.

In all the aims of the project is the desire to only provide what is need to analyse game positions. To this end, it will not be needed to provide sgf editing functionality at this time.

Monday, May 1, 2006


Sente goban for their many boards and beautifull stones. (c) Copyright Sen:te Sente Goban
baduK logo artwork. (c) Copyright Nicolas P. Rougier
Problematic java game viewer. (c) Copyright Adam Miller Sourceforge homepage goproblems.com
Kombilo for ideas on pattern searching. (c) Copyright Ulrich Goertz. Kombilo