baduK for Linux, Mac and Windows available to download


Project baduK's future development has now ceased.
This website and the full source code will continue to be available from sourceforge.
The developers of baduK have decided to discontinue work on this project indefinitely.
The full source code, executables and project files remain freely available to everyone.

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in the project and the many offers
of help and encouragement. Work has begun on other software projects now,
some of which may be found at the link below.

For a web journal on C++/Software development and GO/baduk, following this link.

baduK Mac OS X release and Tygem Amateur Games

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Mac OS X version of baduK is released.
User feedback from the initial release has been fantastic.
Thanks to everyone who has helped in some way towards improving the software.

baduK for the Mac OS X

Around 20,000 very strong Korean amateur games are available for download in 7-zip format here
These are from games of a very high level of play and make for excellent study of the opening moves.
Downloaded from the Korean Tygem baduk server in 2005. These can be imported and used by baduK.

baduK for Windows and Linux

Monday, July 17, 2006

baduK has been succesfully compiled for Windows using minGW. The screen shot below shows a search on around 40,000 pro games for this Mini-Chinese opening line.
The up coming Alpha release will be functional but lack certain features such as filtering / searching and improved statistics. These did not make it into the initial release, but will for the first Beta release.

A windows port of baduK

baduK running under Windows has exactly the same functionality as the Linux version. baduK is developed under Gentoo Linux running KDE.

During porting baduK to Windows a number of bugs were found. Thorough testing still needs to be done before baduK can be released. So hopefully this won't be too long now. baduK will also be able to run under Mac OS, so if any potential contributors would like to compile it, we would be very pleased.

Due to a number of elusive bugs in the Add Database wizard the initial release is currently being delayed. baduK running under Linux appears to be very stable, However when porting to Windows a number of serious runtime errors have been found. Hopefully once these are dealt with work can progress to finish a few features for an update release.

Then the fun can begin with implementing other searches ( such as 9x9, Half-Board and 12x12 ).

Next move continuations and Statistics

Friday, June 30, 2006

Next move continuations are shown for a Wholeboard search on circa. 30,000 high level amateur games.
The database system will manage hundreds of databases and hundreds of thousands of games.

Integrating the GUI

During the next fortnight the following features are to be implemented:
Drag and Dropping of databases within view to sort order of importance.
A tree view of statistics to show more levels of detail.
Wholeboard symmetry of positions algorithm to improve speed.
Multiple searches and statistics.
Configuration of options.
Improved game information dialog.

GUI Integration with the pattern system

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The latest state of development

Some features recently implemented are :
Preview boards, showing the current selected game.
Navigation of preview board game.
Game Information is shown in the tab view.
Filters have been extended for other information.
Board coordinates have been added as an option.
Next move continuations shown on board.
Splash screen at application startup.
Databases can be chosen to include in search.
A variety of next move statistics dependent on colour of next move.

Testing of the pattern system with the GUI has led to various improvements. Developers are considering switching to SQLite to store game and database information. This would provide more powerfull game information search functionality at the cost of slowing down game information retrieval.

Issues with the database pattern system have arisen which will be dealt with in the coming week. It is increasingly likely that a development / alpha version could be released in July. We are looking for contributors who would be willing to support this project for the Mac and Windows. This would involve compiling the latest SVN version and packaging the software for download on the sourceforge homepage.

A preliminary window layout

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Filtering of matching games has been implemented. Type in a players name and as you type the list of games will be filtered to that text.
This will also change the matching statistics to reflect the filtered games.

An open board

Other things to note are :
Multiple Board windows open, and editable.
A preview board which is dockable.
Tabbed windows for Statistics, Type of Search, Filters and Game Info.
A floating Games and Database Window.
Databases can be turned on and off with a right click context menu.
Games and Databases can also be removed.

Integration of the GUI with the database pattern matching code is underway. The SVN repository is still in need of a major update. This will happen once the code base is deemed stable.

More Screenshots of the GUI

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The GUI is Starting to take shape and look good.

An open board

An initial screenshot of a board with stones that can be added and editted. The GUI is nearing an initial completion. This was very rapid due to the excellent Qt documentation from TrollTech.
This board will display pattern variations, such as (a, b, c, d...) to show continuations from games.
Many thanks to Sente Goban for permission to use these beautifull stones and wooden board.

Add Database Wizard

When the software is run for the first time, the user will need to add collections of SGF files to form a database.
Multiple databases can be created to groups collections. The wizard will walk the user through the steps.
At the moment only Wholeboard patterns are constructed from games. This happens quickly, along with checking for duplicates and parsing games. Progress is now turning to merging the backend software functionality with the frontend GUI.
The developers are welcoming any feature request or usability that potential users may find usefull.
An large update to the Subversion repository will happen next week hopefully, with the GUI to allow other developers to work on patches.

User Interface under development

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Board preview

Developers are getting to grips with Qt 4.1 . Here is a screenshot of the preview board where games can be quickly viewed. Qt has some very nice features that make it easy to develop good looking software. Such as the new Arthur paint system. Qt uses widgets which can be moved around and docked into locations. These will be used extensively so to allow different setup's and screen configurations.

This screenshot was taken under KDE on Linux. It uses antialiasing and is resizable to the nearest pixel. There will be more screenshots soon of game lists and database lists. The main board will have nice wood texture and slate & shell stones.

Website launched

Friday, April 28, 2006

The baduK sourceforge account has been created and the website is under development. After two months of coding and learning in C++, milestone 1 of the project has been completed.
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Subversion repository open

thursday, April 27, 2006

The baduK source code has been committed to the Subversion repository. At present it is a command line tool which allows sgf files to be added to a custom database. The files are processed for duplicates, game information and whole board patterns. Multiple databases can be searched for a whole board pattern, results listed and next move continuations analysed. We will document the code thoroughly to enable future developers to quickly get to grips with the project.
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